Hello world! I’m Tiffany. I have an insatiable desire to travel and learn more about cultures that exist in our world. Through this blog I want to share my love of travel, animals, photography, yoga, and environmental consciousness. I hope to inspire you to live a life full of exploration, happiness, and kindness.

Welcome!  I’m Heather and I love being outdoors, yoga, animals, photography, and the ocean. Oh, and traveling.  Serious case of wanderlust over here.  I am excited to share my experiences as a photographer/yogi traveler with those looking for their own adventure!  I value balance between planning and open mindedness when traveling, to make the most out of every trip. Time is precious, and with a little planning and perspective, you can make the most out of whatever time you have!

Whirlwind Lolligag at Mojave National Preserve1DX_9717

Tiffany and Heather met in 2008 and instantly connected over their wanderlust, love for adventure and photography, and willingness to see as much as they can in a day.  During one of their most recent whirlwind trips to the Mojave desert, where they still managed to lolligag in many pretty spots, they decided to start this page to share their travels, photos, tips, and things they have learned with you.  They hope to inspire you to get out and find your park, or whatever makes you happy! 

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